Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ballads On Planes

Could there be another like you?
I wonder, but don't seek to find
One for me that loves as you do
Who lives and gives of their wealth and time
Should my heart be cold
for all the warmth in it you hold?
Your story so lovely
should ever be told
and never grow old
How could love leave
while to my soul yet you cleave?
I would it that prayers retrieve
what desire believes


Along the wing
mind sees a blazing thing
Across the sky
you passed by
A sailing show
while burning slowly
Don't eyes align by time
when memories resign
into sublime?
How, at center stage
my country tis of thee
you praise
these my patriot days
All my favorite things plays
and I am more the mystic
every time we say goodbye

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Rain Falls
like your name
calls out to me
from the sky
Baseless questions never asked
warranting no reply
loneliness no more dry
Long since I've seen
the land of my birth
and for it
I carry my worth
with my girth a prayer
While life's wagers
raises the purse

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Subtle To Some

There are deaths that need dying
There are shoes that need tying
There are attempts that need trying
and flights that need flying
There are weddings in summer
where it storms on the beach
There are funerals in autumn
when memories are steep
There is kindness for killers
and pardon for thieves
There are sprinklers for green lawns
and rakes for red leaves
There is prison for poor men
and castles for kings
There comes trouble from vixens
and judgment from queens
There are fatherless bastards
and motherless whores
There are children with secrets
afraid of closed doors
There are minds with reluctance
There are hearts with regret
There is over indulgence
in substance and sex
There are those that mistake
and those that impress
There’s been many a no
There needs only a yes

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Still Ya Mans"

"New Orleans sown in me...Chicago sown in me...Wilmington Delaware in me...DETROIT BORN"

Sunday, April 8, 2012

This Time

There are laughs and songs
Sung out of tune, free
From worry or blame but
Accountability claims hearts
Round this time

Dreams of renowned pass before
Sunrise comes with a kiss
And a glance
Eyes aglow, but pride will show itself
Out of the door

Around this time flies arms
Round me to hold you
Another, but never more meager
A reason to find

Garments gleam worn with sunshine
And words for the day stay long

Toasts cheers all the years
Have heard, and so do foretell
Of this this time